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The Best Car Ride Ever

Long car trips with four kids can be a challenge. The best plans and forethought are rarely enough. We’ve had some trying trips to say the least. Recently, we had all the makings of a difficult road trip, but it turned out very different than we ever expected.

First, within a few minutes of embarking we had to turn around to get Nicole’s (my wife) cell phone. An hour later, Thomas (my oldest, 9) absolutely had to use the bathroom. Katy (one of my twins, 6) also needed to use the bathroom. She started screaming when she had to go with mommy instead of daddy. This woke up Maggie (our youngest, 3). We were counting on her to get some sleep to reduce the neediness during the trip. Plus she needed the sleep.

About an hour later, we pulled out of a toll booth when Maggie started throwing up all over herself. She got car sick.

There we were on the side of the highway using wipes to clean up throw-up from Maggie, her car seat, the straps, the floor, and everything else in close proximity. Then, out of the blue, Faith (the other twin) states: This is the best car ride ever! Thomas and Katy nodded in agreement.

Nicole and I looked at each other in disbelief.

Then we realized that neither one of us was upset. We took everything in stride. We held a positive energy despite the storms. This is amazing. Think of where we could have gone – yelling, screaming, rolling of the eyes, anger, frustration. We could have started worrying about Maggie having some kind of bug, being late – the list goes on.

Negative thoughts create a black hole that sucks you in before you even know it.

Instead, we prayed. We worked together to create and maintain a good vibe. We were happy. So were the kids (Maggie, not so much). It made all the difference.

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~ Ted Olson


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  1. Julie Bond Genovese says:

    HEE HEE how FABULOUS!! The best car ride ever! Your vibe made it great and the kids appreciated it so much. They can live in that joyful place as long as we don’t deny them : ) Bravo for steering with such balance and clarity <3 even while cleaning puke!

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