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The Power of Compassion

I’ve always struggled showing compassion. Fortunately, today, I have some great teachers. My kids.

Recently, Thomas scratched his shoulder. It was a tiny scratch, not deep, and about the size of my pinky nail. He was really upset. He yelled and screamed for longer than “I” thought was rational, or reasonable.

Of course, I felt bad, and tried to comfort him, but then I switched to logic – it didn’t work. He went on screaming. Meanwhile, my twin girls (Katy and Faith) kicked into gear. They brought Thomas juice, some cookies, and some stuffed animals.

By this time, Thomas couldn’t walk (high drama). The girls didn’t miss a beat. They built a wheel chair for him out of a kid’s chairs. They put a blanket and pillow on it, and put it in the kitchen. They then set up a table for him, and served him breakfast, AND put on a puppet show for him.

In less than five minutes, Thomas was laughing, and everyone was at peace.

My girls showed compassion. They met Thomas where he was at. They spoke his language. This is what God does with us. It makes all the difference.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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