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The Search For Happiness

We’re all searching for happiness. Some seek it through material things. Others through spiritual things. But what is it we’re seeking? Is it to be confident, secure, complete? And what do these mean? I think this isn’t enough.

I want to live an unshakable life now – one free from loneliness, fear, anxiety and filled with constant peace and joy. I don’t want to need praise from others. I don’t want to be paralyzed or humiliated by someone’s dislike or condemnation.

I want to be filled with inspiration and strength for “constant” creative goodness. I want to posses so much inner strength that I can naturally and “genuinely” bless those who spit in my face (please don’t test this).

I want to be able to respond with love and grace in real time. This seems like true happiness to me.

Vague quotes that say, “I’m good just because I’m me” are nice, and many are true, but they don’t hold. It seems we cling to tidbits of wisdom and philosophy in the desperate hope that our misery will lesson.

Do we even believe the kind of happiness described above is possible? I do. I do because I’ve scratched the surface of some of it. I’ve experienced it real time, and it’s amazing! I’ve only ever been able to come close to this thanks to my relationship with God – nothing else has has worked – I’ve tried.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson
(Much of the above is adapted from Dallas Willard’s book The Divine Conspiracy)


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