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The Underground Movement

The video below has received 21 million views on YouTube, as of this posting. It’s bold. It’s fresh. It’s prophetic. There are a couple of things to note.

One could argue some of its points. But, one can argue any point. In short, he (Jeff Bethke) poetically nails much of the disgust with religious hypocrisy. Christianity has in many respects barred people from Jesus.

The message of Jesus has been misunderstood. Sometimes severely. Therefore it gets distorted, badly.

Underlying the poem, which is just over 4 minutes, is a plea for a focus on grace rather than rules and regulations. While he doesn’t dive into grace, or “arguably” practice it (at least in the 4-minute video), there is an underground movement that is likely going to surprise many.

In the past these movements have been called revivals. This one will be a revolution.

There are a number of prophetic voices out there, Jeff is definitely worth a listen.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the video…
~ Ted Olson


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  1. Julie Bond Genovese says:

    Oh that is powerful! Wow. “Religion says slave. Jesus says son.” So many great lines. What a declaration, huh? “If grace is water than the church should be an ocean. Not a museum for good people but a hospital for the broken.” Gorgeous. And he speaks for so many… “One is the cure. The other is the infection.”
    Thanks for sharing Ted. XO

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