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The World’s Greatest Teacher Ignored

There’s a missing component in Christianity. It’s so big, few even see it. Jesus, God’s greatest teacher, is not seen as a teacher.

Instead he’s exalted to such a divine status that people are encouraged to fall down and worship him. When we do this, we miss what he was trying to do.

Jesus is described as lots of things, but a primary role was to invite us and to teach us to live in God’s world. He wanted to teach us the skills to do this – not do it for us.

He spent time with his students so they could learn to live like he did – full of power and grace, now. They struggled at first, but they eventually caught on.

We can’t live like he did, experiencing and living in the presence, power, and wonder of God, if we don’t let him teach us.

It’s like this. Imagine we got the chance to learn to play football with Tom Brady. Tom’s our teacher! But instead of showing up at Gillette Stadium to learn how to QB, we throw ourselves down on the 50 yard line and cry we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy! We can’t do this! Only you can do it Tom! And then we repeat this, everyday. How much would we become like Tom Brady?

And the whole time, Tom would be like “Dude, chill, I can show what to do step-by-step. You can do this! You can light up this stadium!”

But we simply go on and on about how great Tom is and how we’re such losers. We’re content to wear our Patriot’s jersey even though our number is double zero.

If we did this, we’d obviously learn very little about the game, or Tom.

This type of behavior is standard procedure in most Christian circles. Jesus, the master teacher of God, is exalted right out of the actual power he came to share.

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~ Ted Olson


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