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Two Decades Of Symptoms Cured

Remember all those miracles in the bible? Jesus, especially. Word spread like a Hollywood rumor of his healing power. People flocked to him. Does this still happen today? Is healing real?

I had an amazing healing experience recently. It went like this…

A little background. I’ve suffered from digestive issues for decades. Bloating was one of the many symptoms. I visited doctors galore to address this and other, more graphic, symptoms. Nothing worked.

I thought I had cancer. I got tested. I tried diet. I tried prescriptions. I tried natural remedies. Exercise…the list goes on.

I was laying in bed one night. I put my hands across my bloated belly and prayed that God fix it. That was it.

The next day, everything changed.

Two things happened. I had been reading about raw diets, but was too intimidated to go down that road. Yet, that morning, I dove in. Instant relief. I actually felt good after I ate. I didn’t feel bogged down, heavy, bloated, or full. I felt energized. That’s a giant leap folks!

The second thing was that I starting chewing my food more slowly. I had heard about this in the distant past – likely in my research for a solution to my discomfort. But, I started that morning. The graphic symptoms disappeared!

We’re talking about two decades of symptoms vanish in a morning! I’ve felt 10 years younger ever since.

I call this the grace of God.

Thanks for reading,
~  Ted Olson


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