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What About The Christians!

What about the Christians? Numbers are dwindling. People are falling away. Pastors are quitting. What happened to the Good News? Jesus must be rolling over in his…wait a minute…

The answer to these questions for some might be: who cares. Others, perhaps more compassionate, or less resentful, or actual followers of Jesus, might be a tad worried. Worry is not the appropriate response. God is not worried. The message of Jesus – the one that caused crowds to swarm to him – and that turned the world upside down – is not the one currently being communicated. It’s far from it.

Perhaps a focus on the correct message versus the current, misguided interpretations is in order. Hey – that’s what I’m doing anyway. But I could just be another nut so it’s best to check it out for yourself. And ask God to help. He will.

Enjoy the short video below from Brennan Manning entitled – The Future Of Our Church. Manning is answering Dr, Barry Taylor’s question about the future of the church in a post-everything world. Note that he focuses on personal experience (not religious instruction), as well as small groups of mystics. The mystic piece is interesting because at this level all religions fall into one – if I’m remembering my Tufts University comparative religion studies correctly.

Thanks for pointing out this video Kate.

And thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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