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What Can We Learn From Chocolate

Chocolate – it’s sinfully good, right? Why did it become a sin?

Understanding sin (in its religious realm) is something few care to discuss. It heralds in thoughts of judgment as well as huge theological questions. Despite these, let’s look at some everyday, real-life scenarios.

Take the raw cacao bean (cocoa, chocolate) – an AMAZING gift from God. It has spectacular health benefits. In its natural form it can help regulate bowel movements, reduce stress, and a host of other mind-blowing benefits – no joke, look it up.

But what did we do with this bean? We loaded it up with sugar, milk, and chemicals. We helped spread diabetes, obesity, gluttony, indulgence.

Hooray for Hershey Bars! This is not how to be healthy…

This is just one example of what I would call sin – i.e., perverting God’s gifts, missing the mark, turning away from the natural. Of course, the cacao bean example speaks to significantly larger issues. Baby steps…

What are we filling ourselves up with?

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~ Ted


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