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What’s Really In Your Food?

God's GiftsThe following 18-minute video shows the power of what one person can do. Oh – it could save your life, and your kids, too. It can also change the world and influence the global economy. In short, what the American government is putting in our food is insane – and it’s killing us.

The mentality toward “new” novel proteins, synthetics, pesticides, and too much to mention here, is this: “they haven’t been proven harmful.” Hmmm…we have the highest cancer rates in the world? Diabetes, childhood obesity, food allergies…the list goes on.

Why are they (corporations) doing this? Simple – higher profits. This is what might, justifiably, be called greed. It’s also why greed has typically been frowned upon.

Check this out – it’s worth your time.

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~ Ted


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