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Where Is The Love?

There’s lots of talk about progress, technology, new medications, and new ways to communicate. Some is good. A lot is distracting. We’re led down an interesting road. A perpetual one. Our lives and culture perpetually spin with busyness and nonsense that we don’t even question it. Instead we buy in and follow along.

Here’s a great quote from Alfie Kohn to put this in perspective. He’s speaking about the culture of education, but it has largerĀ  application.

The time to worry is when the idea is so widely shared that we no longer even notice it, when it is so deeply rooted that it feels to us like plain common sense. At the point when objections are not answered anymore because they are no longer even raised, we are not in control; we do not have the idea; it has us.

God’s not interested in this. He’s interested in freedom, creativity, relationships, community, and empowering people, among other things. This is very different from the world we live in. Jesus was the ultimate example of bucking the system to promote God’s kingdom. Jesus reminds us that God has much better plans.

The short video below illustrates some of our current insanity. We’re simply upside down on much of life.

I’d say enjoy the video, but it’s a lot of truth to swallow. Be open.

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~ Ted Olson


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