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Would We Do It?

If someone said we could feel 10, even 20 years younger, with a simple diet change would we do it? If it promised to extend our life, as well as improve our quality of life, would we do it? If it made us more intelligent, peaceful, happy, would we do it? Is anyone telling us this is possible? Well, yes, actually.

There’s a booming subculture that’s been eating a raw diet and changing their entire lives. Eliminating processed foods and sticking with what nature intended has profound effects on our health and vitality in every aspect. Yet most of us don’t do it.

Is it that we’re not hearing the message? Perhaps we don’t believe the message – some of those raw foodies are weird. Or is it that we just don’t believe it’s possible? Or is it that we don’t think we can do it? Perhaps it’s a combination of these, combined with a very powerful food industry that wants us to consume what it produces.

Eating raw, for me, has been as much a spiritual journey, as it has been physical. When I eat organic, unprocessed foods my body lights up. It feels wonderful – energized. It’s a lasting buzz, unlike the highs and lows of caffeine and stimulants.

I can truly be thankful for what I eat because I feel the food restoring, healing, and nourishing my body.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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