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A Lesson In How To Be Happy

Learning how to be happy is a bit of a misnomer. There isn’t any “learning” required. Happiness is a choice. Put another way – it’s a mental choice. We can choose to be happy, or not. Most of us choose not to be happy.

I didn’t quite believe that happiness was a choice until fairly recently. I was fortunate enough to see it live in action. I was talking with a friend who was battling several issues at once. Issues with work. Issues at home. I could see him start to get frustrated, but then something clicked in his brain. He smiled. He started saying all the great things he was going to do that weekend, and how when he got back to work on Monday he’d be refreshed and ready for action.

I asked him how he was able to do that. Things are going really badly. This is what he said: “When I get punched in the arm it hurts. I don’t want it to hurt. So I don’t get punched in the arm. You just do it.” You just do what, I asked. “Don’t get punched in the arm,” he replied.

In other words, just because there are things happening that could make us upset, don’t let them. Yes – it’s that simple. Don’t let them.

What’s impressive is the mind control at play here. My friend is able to take control of his thoughts and focus on the positive. He’s genuinely happy. It’s really amazing.

Life is always going to throw us curve balls. We have an amazing tool – our mind. God’s gift to us. We can fill it with good thoughts, or fill it with worry.

No learning. Nike is right – just do it!

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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