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An Imperfect Path

For Father’s Day I thought I would tell a story I heard from a good friend. As dads, we love our kids. We cherish them. And we want what’s best for our kids. However, we’re often challenged to the breaking point. We lack the skills necessary to help our kids. We stumble and fall, often. Despite this, we can still lead.

The story is of a farmer in the middle of Michigan. The dad would get up every morning, often snowy mornings, at 3:00 AM. He would wade through the inevitable snow drifts in his big rubber boots on his way to milk the cows in the barn.

It wasn’t a perfect path, often weaving around the snow drifts. At 5:00 AM, the rest of his family would come out to the barn to help. They would follow the big footprints made by their dad. Although by that time they were often coated with snow again and harder to see, they all made their way to the barn.

As dads we have the incredible gift of being an example to our children – of leading them through the drifts of life. This can be an overwhelming feeling. It is if we go it alone.

The good news is that we have God as our guide. If we set our eyes on God – if he is first in our lives – we can model this for our kids. Think of the impact of our footprints. They will show our love, our dedication, our commitment, our desire, and our willingness to do whatever it takes to show our kids the way.

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~ Ted Olson


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