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Big Thinking

In the series “How Can I Be Happy,” we’ve talked about a variety of different ways of thinking. Things like treasuring the small things, eating healthy, “just do it” …etc. Before we go too much further, it’s critical to note that our happiness is not always what we think “happiness” is. Our happiness – or our expectations of happiness – are too small.

Yes – too small. We think small. We dream small. Our visionĀ  is short. We think things like, if I could just get/have/accomplish X. If I could just get more money. If I could just find the right person. These “I” statements guarantee we’ll never be happy. We need to think larger than ourselves.

This is why I like God. God thinks big – really big. Go Big, or Go Home big. This directly applies to our happiness. Ultimate happiness lies in knowing God on a personal level. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss. It exceeds all our expectations. It can change the world – and the generations to come. That’s thinking big – way bigger than ourselves.


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