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Does Prayer Do Anything?

Does prayer do anything? It’s a great question. Many are frustrated by a lack of answers and how long they have to wait. Others simply give up. Is God doing anything? Yes. And I tested this recently.

A friend was struggling with some serious self-esteem issues. They were thinking things like God doesn’t care about me. God doesn’t think I’m even worth the time. I have nothing to offer, etc.

We’ve all struggled with these thoughts at some point to some extent or another. However, my friend was battling “decades of thought patterns.” It was chronic.

For the last few weeks I’ve been praying very specifically for my friend. I’ve been praying that God shows himself in a real and tangible way, and that my friend would take notice. That he would show her just how important and valuable she is.

Here are some of the results:

  1. A chance conversation where my friend was asked for advice in her field of expertise
  2. An out-of-the-blue publication of some material that she literally threw together, last minute
  3. A chance book suggestion that has opened her eyes to who she is, and that she’s not alone
  4. A new understanding of her thinking that was driving her down a black hole
  5. A plea from a local pastor to become more involved in some projects because of her talents and wisdom
  6. A request from a friend to brainstorm for an upcoming event
  7. A renewed sense of self-worth with something to offer

And this is with just me praying – and I suck at it! Most of us miss God working in our lives. We miss it because we don’t spend time in God’s world. We’re too busy with our own needs, wants, desires, and thinking about how crappy everything is. We create our own little empire, rather than enter God’s empire.

When we walk the path with friends we get to know them. We understand them at a deeper level. It’s the same thing with God. Take a walk and chat with him. Then listen. Don’t write things off as chance. Look for the everyday – the simple. He’s right there.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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