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Excuse My Contempt

I’ve been chatting with my kids about swearing lately. They’re quite interested in it. Most of their usage is innocent experimentation. But lately it’s taken a turn for contempt. They’ve started using the f-bomb when angry – especially with their siblings.

The contempt that underlies swearing is rarely, if ever, discussed. When we swear with the fullness of the anger and contempt that we have when someone pulls out in front of us, we’re demonstrating the toxins that control our mind and spirit.

Even when we casually swear about such drivers, or others that fail to meet our standards of excellence, we’re spreading toxins. It’s impossible to be happy with these thoughts consuming us. And they do consume, and they spread. Not being dramatic here. These thoughts destroy relationships, families, neighborhoods, towns, and nations.

I still swear – casually and forcefully. Sometimes I’m trying to puff myself as cool, hip, profound, and tough. Other times it explodes out of me like a volcano before I even realize it. I’m full of toxic anger and contempt. It’s no wonder I’ve struggled with happiness for so long.

I have good stuff in me too, but I can’t be truly happy and have contempt at the same time. It’s not possible. It’s like saying “I love you” to my wife, but deep down I’m still resentful about something.

So no, I can’t excuse the contempt (pardon the pun on excuse my French). I can only continue to pray that God will replace it with his power and grace – and he will – If I let him.

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~ Ted Olson


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  1. Julie Bond Genovese says:

    Same here! It all started with “What the helephant!?” The boys thought this was so funny (and I did too) and then it has morphed into them using all sorts of colorful language in the neighborhood and the *fun* turning to contempt. We keep the conversation going about it all, but the force of the forbidden is winning out for now. Sigh. Although we never forbade it, the boys know that many do. It isn’t the words themselves, it IS the energy behind them. Thanks for the validation : )

  2. What the ¢7$% is up with this $%£* post?! – couldnt resist. ;^) Words are one of the most powerful weapons we weild. We kid ourselves when we think the words we use dont matter. They flow straight from the well of our hearts, revealing whats really down there, joking or not.

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