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Good, Good, Good Days

I knew an old guy who used to say he never had bad days. He categorized his days as good, good good, or good good good. I was only seventeen when I knew him and thought he was nuts – he wasn’t.

Today, everyone is talking about their bad days. They dwell on them. They say “TGIF,” chalking up the weekdays as misery. Or, it’s “I can’t wait for the weekend.” When you ask how they’re doing it’s “ugh, just another day.”

This type of thinking does one thing: It comes true! It creates our world – our culture.

What we think matters. It creates our reality. We are very powerful. But many of us give it away, or waste it on negativity.

How can you be happy?

I used to think religious people were stupid, naive. That they would surrender their will to God seemed at best wishful thinking. It’s not. God wants to empower us with incredible positive energy. He wants to maximize our potential. He wants to give us more of his power.

At this point though, I think he’d settle for us thinking straight.

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~ Ted Olson


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