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How Can I Be Happy – Create It

I witnessed something really neat recently. A young boy (about 4) was in a talent show. He was going to throw some darts. However, his darts were at home – 10 miles away. Without missing a beat, the MC said, great, let’s use our imaginary darts.

The MC led him to the table to pick up the darts. Then lined up a piece of paper for a target. The boy was very pleased when he got his first bulls-eye. The crowd was also delighted with the whole affair.

The finale was a dart throw across the dance floor that nailed a bulls-eye. The crowd erupted.

Was this fake? No. Something real and tangible positively affected all involved.

This imaginary dart game speaks to creating our own reality. We have so much power! Here’s what I usually do with it:

  1. I waste it, walking away because I have no darts.
  2. Or, I think that because I have power, that I’m fully in control.
  3. I work closely with and trust God.

Option three always works out the best for me.

What say you?

Thanks for reading this,
~ Ted Olson

(Note – that’s sword swallower, Roderick Russell in the picture – holding the paper)


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