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How Does God Love You?

There was a man crying beside the hospital bed of his 6-year-old. She had cancer. It was terminal. He watched her deteriorate over a few short months after the diagnosis. The cancer in her body was shutting down vital organs. The dad prayed, pleaded, take me, take me instead.

The dad couldn’t bear to see his child suffer in such a way. He wanted his daughter to live life to the fullest – to grow, to learn, to discover – he wanted to teach her how to dance, to help build her self esteem, to be there for her first break up. Instead, her little body was being choked of life as the cancer slowly took over.

God sees us in a very similar way. He sees our lives choked with the toxins of greed, envy, pride, resentment. Our spirits slowly die. He sees our minds and creativity shut down as we block him out, instead chasing reason and intellect and our own way of thinking.

What did God do? He said take me, take me instead. How he did this is found in the story of the Christian faith. It’s often misunderstood, misinterpreted, and poorly lived out by Christians, but it’s powerful nonetheless. If one seeks, they will find. Jesus invited people into this kingdom of god. And he showed them the way to God so they could live life to the fullest. I can’t pretend to capture the ways of God in this post, but the sacrifice and love that we saw with the dad and his daughter is what we find in God, and then some.

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~ Ted Olson


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