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It’s Not About Fair – It’s About Grace

My kids fight – a lot. They fight about every single little thing (I’m exaggerating, a little). What really gets them wound up is when one of their siblings gets or has something they don’t. They’ll scream THAT’S NOT FAIR! I’ve written about this before, discussing how I was trying to teach my kids this very foreign topic of grace. What’s on my mind at present is just how important grace is in my own life.

I get angry – a lot. I get angry about every single little thing (I’m exaggerating, a little). What really gets me wound up is the fighting I just mentioned above. It looks like this. My three oldest kids (and sometimes even my youngest) start fighting. I get angry. Bang! We’re all angry. In my mind, their fighting is bugging me and THAT’S NOT FAIR!

This is a hell of a cycle to stop. Logic rarely works. Spiritual wisdom can’t work when you’re angry. Behavior modification doesn’t stick when you’re ticked. What do you do!? I need grace. I need something outside of myself to give me the presence of mind to be graceful.

Grace comes from God. I can tap into it at any time if I connect with God.

I’ve searched for decades in books, religion, spirituality, education…etc – searching for the secret ingredient of how to be happy. Never found it. It can’t be found. It doesn’t even need to be searched for. Happiness, peace, a joy-filled life, for me, are better “realized” in the concept, the gift, the practice, and the acceptance of grace.

If I were a better writer, or a poet, I could describe this better. Maybe think of that person you’ve met that was different in a way that you couldn’t put your finger on. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet several. They all had a deep, personal connection to the creator. That was the single underlying factor.

I suppose this is why some call it the Grace of God – It’s really, really cool!

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~ Ted Olson


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