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Learn How To Be Happy From George McFly

Back To The Future was a great movie for so many reasons. One quote (mantra really) that always sticks out to me is from Marty’s dad, George McFly. He repeatedly states: “Oh no, I can’t do that.” Or, “I can’t handle that kind of rejection.” He was right. He couldn’t.

The self talk he used was crushing him. It was creating his reality – that he was weak and would amount to nothing. I think a lot of us feel and think just like George McFly.

Compare this to Goldie, the African American teen sweeping the malt shop floor. He’s going to “make something of himself.” He’s going to “night school.” He’s not going to work in “this slop house” forever. Sure enough, he becomes the mayor.

Goldie was focused on the positive. He had a plan. A dream. It took George McFly a little while and a lot of courage to break through, but he did. It changed his life forever.

This “breaking through,” getting past our fears, anxieties, worries, and finding purpose, meaning, peace, and happiness is what God wants for us. It’s available. With God, we can really make something of ourselves.

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~ Ted Olson


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