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Pastor Calls For Gays To Be Penned Up

Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church, North Carolina called for gays to be “penned up.” The scary part about this pastor’s “sermon” against gays and President Obama (for that matter) is that he believes it along with many other “Christians.”

That this kind of hatred is preached from a pulpit that is supposed to be spreading the good news of Jesus is frightening. He simply does not understand Jesus’ message. Many Christians don’t.

Unfortunately, many Christians consume their own religion versus being students of Jesus.

It would do the world a lot of good that any one reading this would say a quick prayer for this pastor, and the others that are filled with this type of hatred and lack of grace, that God would show them the way.

Video below…

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~ Ted Olson


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  1. Kate Morgan says:

    What the F???? I couldn’t even finish listening to that ~ Horrified,Kate

  2. Kate Morgan says:

    Hey Ted, YouTube Brennan Manning-The Future of our Church? He’s interesting. – Kate

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