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Measuring Your Worth

I read an article recently that touched on a very common, but rarely discussed issue – the evaluation of one’s true worth. What are you worth? How is “worth” defined? How does it effect your happiness?

Many of us in the work world are hyper-focused on success, driving results, and hitting the number. We’ll place “Results Driven” front and center on our resume or LinkedIn profile. When we fail though, it’s a crushing blow to our self-esteem.

It crushes us because we’re not thinking straight. We’re not evaluating our true worth.

The article puts it this way:

Harmful Evaluation of Worth: I am important and of value because of what I achieve, produce or have. Therefore if I stop achieving, producing or having, my life no longer has value, meaning or purpose.

Helpful Evaluation of Worth: I am of value because of who I am, not what I do. I am a unique individual whose life has a special purpose regardless of what I earn, accomplish or own.

How many of us think the harmful way? It’s impossible to be truly happy thinking this way as it’s based on conditions. We want to think the helpful way, but we’re not even sure that we believe it.

Believe it. To know it, ask God. He’ll show you.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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