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Stop Poisoning Your Thoughts

We spend a lot of time modifying behavior. This is important, but modifying and “eliminating” many of our thoughts is critical. If you’re like me, your mind races. The race can be good. The race can be bad. Good is better.

I stumbled across this quote by Marcus Aurelius – the Roman Emperor (120-180): A man should take away not only unnecessary acts, but also unnecessary thoughts, for thus superfluous acts will not follow after.

It’s a great quote reminding us that negative thoughts, unhealthy thoughts, not only poison our minds, but destroy our chances for success.

Think of it this way, if all we do is spend our time worrying about, say our kids and our parenting, we won’t enjoy them. If all we do is worry about our employment, we won’t be thinking creatively to maximize it.

When we stop poisoning our thoughts, we make better decisions. We have better outcomes. We’re a lot happier. Working with God is really helpful in this. God wants to fill us with good. We can help by getting rid of the poison, and working closely with God to get our thinking straight.

What do you think?

~ Ted Olson


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