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The Amazing Power of Friendship

I have been fortunate to experience the incredible power of a good friend. The kind of good friend I am referring to is the kind that brings the best out in us. It isn’t always pleasant, as we have to stretch beyond familiar comfort zones, but a good friend makes the journey so much easier.

My best friend and mentor died recently, unexpectedly. I am over the grieving, and things are back to normal. What’s amazing is how he still fills my life. I catch myself quoting him, thinking like him, acting like him.

His gift of friendship is still alive. In fact, I appreciate him more now than I did when I was alive, as sad as that is as I sit here typing this. He would understand though.

My friend also introduced me to God. He lived it really. I watched. I learned. His relationship with God was as real as our friendship. Today, I experience that same alive relationship with a personal, alive, loving God – who stretches me, and makes the journey so much easier, powerful, wonderful.

We know what a friend can do. Many don’t know what God can do.

I stumbled across the video below. What struck me was the belief that one friend had in the other, and how that made all the difference. I would encourage us to check out what God can do.

Check it out.

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~ Ted Olson

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