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The Black Hole of Negativity

The power of thoughts is truly astonishing. A positive thought can change a life. A negative thought can destroy one. We seem to operate somewhere in the middle, essentially playing Russian roulette with our thoughts.

I see this in my own family. My son will tease his sister. This causes her to hit her little sister. I have to step in to pull two people apart who didn’t have an issue in the first place. Now I’m upset at my son. My wife gets upset at me. It’s vicious. It’s worse than a cycle because we lose something in the process. Our souls are slowly suffocated.

This is just our home. Step out in the world and we have people screaming at each other out their car windows to leaders of nations threatening each other from the world stage. It’s as if we don’t see the damage being done. Or perhaps the temporary rush of anger and adrenaline are yet another addiction we enjoy.

And that’s the crux, anger, negativity, contempt, they’re all loaded with power. It’s destructive power, of course, but it’s power nonetheless. And oh how we love it. We cherish it. It puffs us up. It provides an instant sense of justice and superiority. We snuggle it tight. So we continue to roll the dice.

But it’s not real power. It’s fleeting. It slowly erodes our sense of well-being. It pushes people away and disconnects us from God. When full of anger and negativity we see love, forgiveness, and grace as ridiculous, stupid, and unnecessary. And yet this negativity sucks us in, feeding on itself, morphing into a delusional monster.

The power of negativity, while powerful, doesn’t come close to true power. When we’re connected to God we can respond with love and grace in real time. We can build people up rather than tear them down. We can set an example that changes lives. We understand the destructiveness of negativity and can find much more grace-filled ways to respond.

The Grace of God is not some cliche. It’s actual power that we have access to, right now.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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  1. Matt516 says:

    God, fill me with that life-giving power…GRACE!

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