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The Core Message We Miss

Here I’ve been ranting and raving about the core message of Jesus when Brian McLaren has this really cool three minute video that nails it, below.

It’s about the kingdom. The new reality in our lives. It’s not a new religion. It’s a new empire. It’s living in God’s reality, seeing things through Jesus’ eyes. It changes everything, and it’s not something people can simply accept and run with. This is a life long journey with the master teacher, Jesus.

One piece I would add is that McLaren talks about how it’s difficult to describe the kingdom as it’s all encompassing, and even Jesus is a tad vague. One thing that blocks us from seeing it is our worldview – we see and interpret things based on science, logic, empirical evidence, and/or our cultural framework – we don’t always realize we do it. We also have a might-is-right mind set. God doesn’t work this way. It’ll be tough to “see him” if we think this way. God is relational.

Thanks for reading – enjoy the video…
~ Ted Olson

(An interesting side note. This video, as of this post, has 31 likes and 22 dislikes, which shows that not a lot of people are happy about the Good News – I think they prefer Their News – but then who doesn’t)


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