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The Power of Uncertainty

Who doesn’t like to be certain? We all do. We crave certainty. However, uncertainty is not a bad thing. Here are some thoughts to consider.

Too often we’re meddling in our little world of expectations. It’s a small world, limiting – sometimes paralyzing. But we stay, as anything is better than uncertainty. Uncertainty is dark and scary. This is true. It can be dark and scary.

I often take uncertainty and run down a dark path of horrendous outcomes. It’ll look something like this. What if I lose my job? How will I pay the bills? My kids want to get a dog – how will that happen? Oh man – the car payments, mortgage, we’ll have to sell the house! This nasty list is endless.

When we embrace uncertainty, we open ourselves up to new possibilities.

Here’s a different approach to uncertainty. What if I lose my job? Hmmm – that would be interesting. I’m sure I’d have a little time to put things in order, but you know what? What if another job offer came the next day for more money, more opportunity, and closer to home. What if it was a step up the corporate ladder, or a step toward my never-thought-possible job? Who knows what cool things could happen!

What if I had time to explore the new things I’ve been kicking around and they take off. Hey, I know, why don’t I start thinking about what I really want to do, now. Why don’t I do some exploring and test the waters.

As you can see, there’s a big difference between these two ways of running with uncertainty.

Here the reality, life is full of uncertainty. We can embrace it or let it strangle us.

Embracing uncertainty is hard for those of us that clutch to control. We don’t like letting go – our little world is just right. Something to keep in mind is that God’s world, his plans, his ideas are way better than anything we can conceive. God wants what’s best for me, and will walk with me. When I remain open, I see him work, and it’s amazing – life-changing amazing.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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