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Try A Little Tenderness

I see more and more “spiritual” quotes about people that annoy us, or try to thwart our dreams, or get in our way somehow. We’re, apparently, supposed to brush them off. In other words, take care of number one – to hell with them.

Hmm, interesting…

Let’s turn it around. Supposed we lost our job, bills are weighing on us, credit companies are calling. Suppose our beloved pet just died, and our car is in the repair shop. Suppose our health is an issue, or we’re battling a weight problem. These are every day struggles we all have.

Now, suppose we’re feeling a little down about all this. Suppose we’re feeling negative. Maybe we’re even resentful at the success of others – even our loved ones. In this state, suppose we say something negative, or perhaps less than encouraging about someone else’s “big” dreams.

Question – would we want that person to brush us off, or love us?

We’d want them to hold us in their arms and say I’m so sorry you’re struggling right now, but you know what…? Me, you, and the grace of God are going to get through this. I know it! You’re such a wonderful person. You have so many gifts. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for you!

I’d certainly prefer to be loved and encouraged. The lover and encourager would greatly benefit too.

But hey, what do I know. This all sounds like that crazy Jesus guy!

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson

PS – the silly quote in the picture above should read something like this:

Don’t be upset and caught up with people you cannot change. Instead, try a little tenderness, understanding, and compassion. Then see what happens to the both of you, as well as anyone else who gets the gift of seeing such an example example of love versus selfishness.


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