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Use Your Head!

I spent a lot of time in construction as a teen. A common phrase yelled was “use your head.” It was used as a rebuke when someone made a mistake that seemed such an obvious thing not to do to everyone else. While the construction trade isn’t necessarily associated with kindness, the rebuke is valid, and kind.

We have choices with our “heads.” We can use them – for good or bad. But the most common choice is not to use our head at all. We don’t think. Instead we rely on someone else. It’s an attempt to shift responsibility off ourselves and onto some other entity. This is a crime we’ve all committed. We haven’t used our heads – our minds – our God-given gift.

There are lots of reasons and excuses, but not using a gift from God has serious consequences. If God made us a certain way, and we do not operate and “think” within those boundaries we will suffer. The consequences might be a mild feeling of being unfulfilled or serious depression, or worse. It can, and usually does, go on for years.

The boundaries of our minds are big and multidimensional by the way, and you have the choice to leave, but it’s not recommended, especially if you’re looking for the answer of how to be happy.

We all have a choice to use our heads. Using them purposely for good brings the greatest rewards.

~ Ted Olson


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