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What Ever Doesn’t Kill Us…

What ever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? Correct – but it’s bigger and better than just getting stronger. Let me explain…

There is a lot of discussion about evil. Why do bad things happen – untimely deaths, hurricanes…etc? I know a lot of folks take issue with God about this. I mean why doesn’t God do something for crying out loud?

Others know that trials and tribulations lead to greater strength, experience, and wisdom (with or without God, depending on one’s beliefs).

I was watching an interview with Dallas Willard recently. He was asked about the problem of evil. He gave what I thought to be a very profound answer. First, he noted that we need to take a step back and see the larger picture. The details can be found in his book, The Divine Conspiracy – check it out, seriously. It’ll change your life.

But Willard says something similar to the common phrase, and belief that “whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.” He notes, as many do, that trials and tribulations build character, but he adds something very interesting – so God can trust people with his power.

Here’s the full quote: [hard times allow God] “to develop character in people that he can trust with his power.” Entrusted with God’s power – wow!

It’s power sharing. God wants us to be close to him, and we can, absolutely, right now. However, to be given more power, God wants to ensure we can handle it. We wouldn’t let our kids get behind the wheel of a car all by themselves, without first showing them how things work. We’d want to show them the larger picture, right?

So it is with God. That he wants to give us his power – as much as we want – and can handle – is amazing!

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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