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What Is Faith?

What is faith? The concept of faith is tossed around so much it’s lost meaning. It can be used in religious or secular settings. It can be used in times of desperate need or casual conversation. Faith, in it’s simplest definition, is trust or perhaps confidence in another.

Think of a good friend. We can trust them with all sorts of things – our emotions, fears, anxieties. We also celebrate the good times. We can be confident that they’ll listen to the best of their ability, be honest with us, and help us.

So it is with God, BUT there is a hurdle. It’s the relationship piece. Few of us enter into a relationship with God, or even realize it’s an option. Instead we go it alone, or trust the sages of our age. Having faith in God is quite similar to that of a good friend.

He’s trustworthy with our lives, but it is hard to notice if we don’t believe. Think of talking with a close friend about a fight we had with our significant other, but then worrying they’re going to post it on Facebook. Will that faith work? No, I think we’d throw that person under the bus pretty fast.

If we put our lives in God’s hands, if we spend time with him, like we do with good friends, the power of faith becomes quite evident. Enjoy the 10 second video below…

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~ Ted Olson


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