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What? Not Everything On FaceBook Is True?

At first glance I caught myself nodding in agreement at this one, but then I said wait a second! “Your Beliefs Don’t Make You A Better Person, Your Behavior Does.” This doesn’t make sense…

Beliefs under-gird “everything” we do. Beliefs are our framework from which we “behave.” Whether we believe in God or not, or whether we’re religious or not, our lives and “actions” stem from our brains – our thinking – our beliefs.

Beliefs absolutely make or break us!

We can assume this popular FaceBook-Pic is referring to religious behavior, which is deplorable, at times – as is non-religious behavior. We can also assume it’s calling out those that think because they “believe” something, they’re better than someone else.

I could put a positive spin on this and make an argument that it’s a call to action – (it is) but too much qualifying is necessary for that.

Those who think they’re a better person (i.e. superior to someone else) because of a religious belief do not understand their religion. I know of no mainstream religion that teaches this kind of self-promotion over another human being.

Beliefs absolutely make you a better person – provided they’re the “right” beliefs. Right “behavior” is helpful in that it can influence our thinking so it’s a sustainable change (it works great on dogs), but refining our beliefs to create positive action is not easy, for anyone.

Perhaps some patience and kindness for those who are trying, hypocrites that they may be at present, is in order.

What say you?

~ Ted Olson


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  1. John Lloyd Scharf says:

    First, this does not always have to do with religious beliefs. Second, what people say they believe is unconnected with what they do. You may be deluded into thinking you can fly, but that belief will be corrected by gravity.

    • Ted Olson says:

      John – thanks for your comment. Correct, it’s more than religious beliefs. And the delusion point is well put.

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