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Who Loves You

I’ve been talking with a few people recently and a theme surfaced. They could not understand why God would love them. They truly feel unworthy. While I’ve battled with LOTS of things related to God, this one I haven’t, but I do appreciate the struggle.

For me, I had to get past “is there a God” before even caring if he/it/she loved me. Once I discovered God, and that he wanted to talk with me, the love part seemed fairly obvious – in fact the question didn’t come up. Fifty others did, but that’s a story for another day.

I do know this – God created us with purpose. He’s extremely purposeful – although I ususally fail to recognize it until days, weeks, months, years later.

I stumbled across this video describing God’s love for us. I thought it might be helpful to those who need a reminder. It does have Christian overtones, but it’s important to remember that Jesus (not a Christian) was one hell of a teacher when it came to telling us about God, and how he wants only the best for us.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the short video.

~ Ted Olson


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