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Why Is Healthy Thinking So Hard?

Healthy thinking is tough. We’re not taught to think healthy – (at least I wasn’t). I learned, from a variety of influential sources (past and present), to feel less than, not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough…you know the list, and likely the feelings that crush us into a fine powder of low self-esteem.

Healthy thinking – at least how I’d like to look at it right now, is not just the absence of negative thoughts (the things all of us complain about – traffic, weather, politicians, crying babies, the economy…etc). Rather, it’s the response and presence of positive thoughts. Healthy thinking is when we’re already thinking positively, we don’t have to force it like Stuart Smalley.

And this is where it gets hard. Maintaining a state of positive thinking, on our own resources, for any significant period of time, is tough. It’s even harder when things aren’t going our way.

In my own life, I’ve battled with negative thinking for decades. I’ve suffered. My marriage has suffered. My kids have suffered. The list goes on. Despite my struggles and the damage done, I’ve always prayed. In other words, I put my life in God’s hands. What I’ve discovered (and seen) over the years is that God has provided incredible opportunities, experiences, information, resources, people, illustrations, and demonstrations have transformed my thinking.

I would call these gifts. Today, there are times when I am in that “positive” state without effort. That’s power. God’s power. It’s pretty cool.

What do you think? What is healthy thinking for you?



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