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Why Not Both?

There is a quote floating around in a variety of forms. I believe it’s attributed to Sol Gordon. It goes like this: “Happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road.” It’s another one of those quotes that I usually agree with at first thought. But then I thought, why not both?

The quote, of course, is a metaphor for our life journey from beginning to end. My question is why can’t I experience happiness along the way, as well as expect and hope for happiness at the end? I believe I can.

The quote is powerful in that it motivates us to act – to see that happiness is now – don’t wait for it. It does this, however, at the expense of celebrating one’s journey at the end.

We can have both. As a kid, I loved to build tree forts. It was so much fun hammering nails, putting the pieces together, finding just the right tree, frolicking in the woods. Loved it! I also loved it when the tree fort was complete. Now we could celebrate! We could enjoy the fruits of our journey! I do the same thing today when I build web sites. I love the process. I celebrate the accomplishment.

It’s one thing to say be happy now. We can – it’s within our power. However, maintaining that happiness with “nothing” at the end is quite different. No tree fort to play in?

Word is it’s a heck of a banquet for those that take the journey with God. I want my cake. I want to eat it too. The joy is indeed in the journey. It’s also at the end.

What do you think?

~ Ted Olson


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  1. I think we can have happiness along the way…and *joy* at the end. Slight difference in meaning, for me, and I think it better captures the sense of depth of emotion. Happiness is more related to doing, to temporary, while joy operates outside the boundaries of circumstances. And I’m right there with you, Ted – I want both!

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