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How Jesus Must Have Felt

JesusI posted recently about the crowds of people that swarmed to Jesus. It was constant. In their eyes, here was someone who had real power and authority. They were absolutely amazed at what he could do. So much so that many were scared. So much so that many wanted to kill him. And so much so that others fell at his feet in worship.

But what was it like for Jesus? How did he feel?

I think it must have been exhausting. The level of patience, compassion, and love needed to face the demands of “the crowds” must have been overwhelming. It’s no wonder Jesus frequently retreated to solitude and prayer – he had to recharge.

To provide a picture of what it must have been like for Jesus, I think the clip below from the movie Phenomenon provides a modern day visual for us. In it you have have folks that are frightened. Others who want to do Travolta in. And others who clearly see his amazing power and ponder what it all means. Travolta’s closest friends are as confused as Jesus’ own disciples were, and the authorities (FBI & Media) are watching him very closely.

All of this resembles Jesus’ circumstances that we have on record from 2000 years ago. Check out the clip below. The film does a great job depicting the very human reactions to super natural power.

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~ Ted Olson


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