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Jesus On The High Seas

You are likely familiar with the account in Mark’s gospel where Jesus calms the wind and the waves. It’s night time. A storm whips up on the Sea of Galilee. The boats are being swamped. Jesus is asleep on a cushion. The disciples are afraid so they wake Jesus up, and He rebukes the wind and the waves. We can and should be amazed as Jesus’ power in this regard. And, like the disciples, we can ask, “who is this?” However, what about the question Jesus asked his disciples?

Jesus asked, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” This is a really odd question because they did just almost die! I might have been like , “Jeez…Jesus, cut us some slack…” So what is going on?

This eyewitness account goes deeper than just an encounter with Jesus on the high seas. The sea was a symbol of death and destruction. It was a symbol of oppressive an unjust political, social, economic forces. So yes, Mark is telling us Jesus calmed the winds and the waves, but he’s telling so much more. He’s showing us that Jesus has authority over all these oppressive and destructive forces.

So, what does this mean? It means, in part, as we get tossed around in life (and we will get tossed), we have an anchor in Jesus. That is, we will have trouble in this world – that’s a given – there’s no escape – could be work, marriage, kids, money, health – the question to ask is who are we trusting during our storms? Who are we putting our faith in – where are we dropping anchor?

We will trust something. We will put faith in something. Often it’s food, or TV, or work…or distractions. So, who do we want as our captain – Oprah? Or Jesus? We need to drop anchor in Jesus – to trust him with the whole of our lives. Only Jesus can navigate the howling winds and crashing waves.

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