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The Three Most Important Words

JesusThe question, “What are the three most important words?,” popped into my head. So did the answer. At first I was surprised, not only that the question was there, poking at me, but that the answer then swept in over me like a wave crashing on the beach. As the water receded, I was left with: Lord Jesus Christ.

Some love these three words. Others despise them. Some truly understand them. Others do not.

Here are a few thoughts to expand on the words, Lord Jesus Christ:

Lord: We are not the boss. God is. We didn’t create ourselves or the time and space in which we dwell. Yes we have autonomy in many areas. But, it’s through Him (Jesus) that all things are made that have been made. He has all authority. He is Lord of the Universe. Submitting to the Lord – to His will – is priority one. Many bail here, as they want what they want – not what God wants. I encourage you to think this through. If God is who He is (the Creator of the universe) then the only rational choice is submission to Him.

Jesus: Jesus is real – God in the flesh. He’s the ideal become real – God got a body! As Tim Keller likes to say, “God punched a hole in the roof of our world and climbed in.” “We are witnesses to this,” the disciples write. Through the life, teachings, miracles, death, and resurrection of Jesus we see God’s self-expression. Thanks to the gift of the Holy Spirit we can know what God is like – and that He’s True – and be in relationship with Him. Jesus is of the same stuff as God – He’s uncreated. This is why Jesus can look you dead in the eye and say, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Many are trying to find themselves (e.g., through work, exercise, diet, money, relationships). The answer to finding yourself is found in Jesus.

Christ: The anointed One – the Messiah – the King – the Savior. Try as we might, we can’t save ourselves. We turned from God. We broke the relationship. Like a dog who knocked over the China cabinet, we have no idea the extent of the mess we made. Jesus the Christ came to fix it so that we may have Life – to bring us back into His family through His name. Phil Wickham nails it when he sings, “When blood and water hit the ground, walls we couldn’t move came crashing down.” Death was never part of God’s plan. The Creator of the Universe tore himself apart, sending His son to pay the price on the cross for our wrong doing so we could have eternal Life. He didn’t have to. He did it out of love for us.

Lord, Jesus, and Christ are words that fill libraries. Would love to hear your comments.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted Olson


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  1. When I read the question, my mind immediately and naturally went to “I Love You.” Then I read your answer and I’m awed – by the truth of it, the clarity of it, and by the reality of it. As I sat with it a moment longer, it came to me that the two answers are the two sides of the same coin, one inspiring and energizing the other in an endless dance. Double awe!

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