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The Ultimate Foundation

man-in-maze-symbolAt a cafe, the waitress I see often was wearing an interesting new necklace. It had a spiral symbol and a stick-figure-like person at the top (see pic on left). I asked her what it meant. She said it was a Native American symbol signifying one’s journey through life, and that her boyfriend gave it to her. I later learned it was the, “Man In The Maze,” symbol. I was sad.

I was sad because this girl, so young, so open to anything spiritual, is being fed something that lacks real substance. She’s hungry, and she’s searching for meaning. She doesn’t want to wander through life aimlessly – who does? So she straps on a necklace from a culture whose beliefs, traditions, and eschatalogical framework she knows little about.

It’s great to be reminded that we are all on a journey. It’s great to be aware of our spiritual nature. The deeper questions, however, must first be explored. Questions such as, Where are we going?, Who is guiding us?, and Why are we here in the first place? Etc…

Until these are answered, many, like this young girl (and her boyfriend), grasp at spiritual straws, creating their own little world of answers full of trinkets, medallions, crystals and more. Beliefs are mashed together from Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, and yes, Native Americans, as if, somehow, “it’s all good.”

The search, the worry, the questions, the journey is nothing new. We need purpose for our lives. And there is a real purpose, but it doesn’t come from us – we can’t manufacture real purpose – try as we do. Our purpose comes from God.

Thomas, Jesus’ famous doubting disciple, wanted answers to life’s deepest questions. He was scared, along with the rest of the disciples. Jesus kept saying that he had to go away. Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way? Peter, the top dog disciple, asked, “Lord where are you going?”   Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.”

These were hugely important questions upon which their lives were hinged. They had just invested three years with Jesus and their lifestyles had been turned upside down. They thought he was going to crush the Romans and set up God’s government, yet, now, he’s leaving them…?

In the midst of all this worry, fear, and doubt, Jesus didn’t give them an eight-fold path, five pillars, or a necklace.

He didn’t give them a path because he is the Path.

He didn’t give them pillars of truth because he is Truth.

And he didn’t give them all the answers to life’s difficult questions because he is Life.

Jesus laid out the ultimate foundation upon which to build our lives – Himself.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted


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