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Who Were Those Guys?

Jesus and paralyticWho were the four guys that carried the paralytic on a mat to Jesus? They obviously had heard of Jesus. They knew right where he was, but the crowds were swarming like bees and they couldn’t enter the house. They were clearly bold, smart, and capable, able to adapt to the situation at hand, get creative, and lower the paralytic through the roof. But who were they?

They were the faithful. The had faith in Jesus. They knew and believed enough about Jesus to grab the corners of their friend’s mat and plop him right down in front of the only one in the world they believed could heal him. Of course he received much more than physical healing.

But Jesus saw their faith. He was watching these four guys, digging away and struggling to make their way through the roof and then lowering their friend down right to his feet. What great faith!

Does Jesus see our faith? We know significantly more about Jesus now than these four men did. Does Jesus see us going to great lengths to bring people to him? Do we even endorse the One who has changed everything, ushering in the new age? Do we promote the One with all authority on heaven and earth?

Or, is Jesus amazed at our lack of faith?

I pray in earnest for the former.

Thanks for reading,
~ Ted


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