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Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

Remember the old cartoon, Wonder Twins? When the Wonder Twins got in a jam they would touch fists and say “Wonder Twin powers activate!” Then they could take on a variety of forms (form of ice, shape of a shark….etc). Then they’d kick butt old school. So here’s a question. Lot’s of folks talk about strengthening their faith in Jesus. What about forming a faith of Jesus?

Rather than crying out to God in desperation (all the time), what about shaping and forming ourselves to become like Jesus? If we did this, we’d have some serious power, right? We’d be equipped. We’d be able to respond with the love, compassion, wisdom, and grace that he did – at least in part. But is this even possible? We’ve had so few examples in recent centuries, we’ve lost confidence. Yet becoming like Jesus is at the heart of the New Testament message.

Christianity leans heavily on God’s saving grace. It’s important, but we need to use and grow this gift of Grace. Not bury it in dogma. Christian teaching also focuses on a lot of doctrine to ensure folks have their theology straight. There is a place for this too.  However, first and foremost, Christians are to be students of Jesus – to follow in his shoes – to walk in his shoes – to form their thoughts like Jesus. The rest will fall into place. Christians are to “put on Christ,” and to live in God’s kingdom that has broken in and is at work here and now.

Yet, rather than active participants in the shaping and forming of our character we act like consumers of Christianity. We consume. We don’t shape. Dallas Willard writes:

…we now live in a time when consumer Christianity has become the accepted norm, and all-out engagement with and in Jesus’ kingdom among us is regarded as just one option people may take if it suits them – but probably as somewhat ‘overdoing it.’ By contrast, the biblical pattern is, from beginning to end, ‘Be ye doers of the words, and not hearers only.’

Wikipedia notes: The Wonder Twins powers are activated when they touch each other and speak the phrase, “Wonder Twin powers activate!” If the two are out of reach of each other, they are unable to activate their powers.

When Christians get in a jam few are able to effectively respond like Jesus. They haven’t been practicing. They lack a relationship with God where they can activate God’s power – God’s gift. Without intentional practices such as prayer, fasting, silence, solitude, community, service to others…etc, it’s impossible to activate any effective power even though it’s available. They can’t say “form of Jesus.” This is sad.

If we think God is withholding something from us, he is. But it’s only for our own protection. He wouldn’t give us something we couldn’t handle. That would be like a parent handing a 2-year-old a Ginsu knife. It’s a great tool. But in the wrong hands bad things happen.

This isn’t to say that taking the form of Jesus can done perfectly or without struggle – it’s a challenge. It’s to highlight that we need to discipline ourselves to be in position to tap and experience God’s power and grace. Faith in Jesus is a great starting point. The faith of Jesus is what Christians must Activate!

Thanks for reading – (Enjoy the video…)
~ Ted Olson

Wonder Twin Powers – Activate!


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  1. Classic…the wonder twins were so cool and so lame at the same time!

    Being a Christian and activating the power of God within our own personal lives is quite an adventure – and it does take a lot of purposeful effort. But Jesus himself classified this work of living and walking beside Him as a light burden, an easy yoke. It doesn’t always feel like that going through each moment, but I have rarely ever found that hindsight hasn’t resulted in noticing overwhelming evidence that God is faithful and deeply involved in my life, making it something much more powerfully good than anything I would ever do with my life on my own. I actually tend to wreck it (and others around me) when I go it alone without Him. The challenge for me is living each moment as if everything Jesus ever said were true and that His promises to those who know and follow Him can be counted on in real time…the actual moments of my life – even when the reality of the world around me seems to be pointing in the opposite direction. My prayer is that as I continue to live purposefully within reach of Jesus, that I will find myself trusting and experiencing God and His loving goodness more and more before I get comfortable, finish trials, or see the end of a difficult event. In the middle is where I want His power activated within me so that I can reflect the God that is here with us, that comes alongside of us, and that saves us – moment by moment each day. Unfortunately (like the clip) sometimes I turn into a bucket of crap in difficult moments which is about as delightful as….well, a bucket of crap. God, may people see the real you in me, as you faithfully complete your work in my life.

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