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Breaking The Guilt Gospel

Gospel of Jesus

Guilt, shame, scare-tactics and the like undermine the gospel. You've seen the Facebook posts: Share if you love Jesus!. Or, Re-post if Jesus is Lord!. One recent message argued that if you're ashamed of re-posting a message about Jesus, then Jesus … More

Challenging Simplicity

Jesus - Love One Another

A friend created as memory verse card for me - he's kind of a geek that way. A memory verse card is a Bible verse printed out on a small card that you keep in your wallet...or wherever - car, bathroom - so you can easily commit it to memory by having … More

4 Things Blocking You From God

1) NO GOD - we live in a culture that, in many, many ways, says that there is no God. God is not recognized or honored, and has been systematically removed from many public and/or prestigious institutions. God's been shoved aside as a private affair … More

As Yourself

What comes to mind with the phrase, "Love your neighbor as yourself?" What does that mean? Sure, the parable of the Good Samaritan is helpful, but there aren't many folks beaten up and left for dead on the side of the road in my neighborhood. I like … More

A Prayer For The Weary

Jesus, prayer

I pray frequently with some friends, but sometimes we're not able to meet. So, we often use email. If you're a prayer, you'll know that sometimes someone will pray in a way that makes you say, "Wow, I wish I recorded that!" Thankfully, email can … More

Supposing Him To Be The Gardener


In the gospel of John, the one written by Jesus' best friend, John tells us of Mary's encounter with Jesus after he rose from the dead. It was early, still dark, and Mary was overwhelmed with grief. When she turned around from the empty tomb there … More

An Open Letter To Facebook Christians

Jesus Christ

There is a plethora of novel surveys that one can take on Facebook. Everyday someone is posting, "I got Brad Pitt" as my movie character...or something along these lines. You can discover your color, your rock star name, your song...the list goes on. … More

What Does The Kingdom of God Look Like In Practice?

What does the kingdom of God look like in practice? Great question, yes? I am enjoying two books that highlight the gap between the kingdom conditions of the early church and the condition of the current church. One is by the esteemed New Testament … More

An Open Letter to Political Christians

Calling All Christians

Political Christians (and any others) please help. Why is it that there is so much Obama bashing coming out of the mouths (and Facebook/Twitter pages) of Christians? I could understand well-reasoned arguments and helpful criticism filled with grace … More

A Massive Reordering

Pagans, Jesus, Culture

I've been listening to a lecture series based on a book by Peter Jones entitled, Only Two Religions. It's good. He outlines the transformation he has witnessed in the US since the 1960s. In short, it's been nothing less than a massive reordering of … More