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10 Happy Quotes To Make Us Think

I like quotes - especially ones that make you think. As we continue in our series "how can I be happy" I dug up these quotes to help the journey along. They're in no particular order. The "thinking" part is important. To be happy, we have to … More

The Dalai Lama Follows No One

I stumbled across the Dalai Lama's twitter account recently. Yes, he has one. The stats were impressive too. The Dalai Lama's Twitter Stats: Tweets: 736 Followers: 3,854,541 (as of this post) - that's almost 4 million! Following: 0 - that's … More

How I Can Be Happy – Part 5

I woke up this morning, and before I had my pants on I had at least 6 negative thoughts. Seriously. I was cursing because I couldn't find matching black socks. I was worried about the traffic. I wasn't too happy about having to take out the trash. … More

How Can I Be Happy – Part 4

In our ongoing "How Can I Be Happy Series," I stumbled across an important lesson. It's a painfully simple message - be calm. What? You mean be calm even in the midst of turmoil, chaos, upheaval? How is that possible? I was asking myself these … More

How Can I Be Happy – Part 3

I'm currently building out a very cool informational medical site. As I was putting together the content, something struck me as I was reading through all the diseases, phobias, conditions, and illnesses. Every single one mentioned eating a healthy … More

Feel 20 Years Younger – Seriously

If someone told you that you could feel 20 years younger just by eating healthy would you do it? Well you might, but most folks don't. Some don't think it's possible. Others aren't even aware it's an option. Still others may have a host of reasons … More

How Can I Be Happy – Part 2

I think I'm just going to do a whole series on how to be happy - as there is just so much great material to work with, and so many folks trying to figure it out, including me. I love Nick Vujicic. I don't know him. I don't even know his whole … More

How Can I Be Happy?

How can I be happy is one of the most commonly searched phrases on the web. So, sparing no expense, I interviewed three experts exactly "how to be happy." I paraphrased and summarized their thoughts below. 1) Community - spending "a lot" of time … More

Does Organized Religion Bug You?

I used to have a lot of contempt for organized religion. Don't get me wrong, I still have issues with it. No one likes hypocrisy, or people who feel like they're superior because of their faith. That aside, the local church does a heck of a lot more … More

I Smell Poison

Years ago I sprayed some kitchen cleaner, Fantastic or something, on our kitchen table after snack time. My son was sitting there - not super close to the spray, but near enough to catch a whiff. He didn't say anything, but he did start acting … More