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We Have An Identity Issue


Our core is our identity. Our core is who we are. So, who are you? What's your core? How do you determine who you are? Is it by your job, relationship status, wealth, fitness, youth...? Our culture screams to us to make our identity with the right … More

Hail, King of the Jews

Jesus Flogged

"Flog him!," Pilot ordered, irritated by the early morning disturbance from the Jewish leaders, and hoping to settle the Jesus matter quickly and quietly. "What? Flog him? But he hasn't been tried, yet! He hasn't been found guilty of any crime!" some … More

4 Must-See Movies For The Married

Below are four movies that show some of the realities of marriage. They may help you see the perspective of your spouse - which is critical, but often a very difficult thing to do with years of resentment built up, hidden hostility, bad patterns, … More

Principle of Christian School Says 8-Year-Old Girl Not Feminine Enough

The principle of a Christian school says an 8-year-old girl is not feminine enough and that she should seek her education elsewhere. Video below. What happened? How could this have been handled differently? Here are a few questions that came to … More

I Hear You Culture

I hear you calling me. Calling me to be free. To live abundantly. To break the shackles of "religious" thinking. To free my mind to explore all the universe has to offer me. You're very good at what you do. You strike the core of our emptiness and … More

Still A Long Way Off

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells the parable of the prodigal son. Most know the story - the son asks his father for his inheritance, then leaves, squandering everything in wild living. He eventually comes to his senses, and heads back to his … More

The Silence of God


Following Jesus is a bit like a walk in the woods. Everything is going great, birds are singing, the sun is shining, but then things begin to shift. The path thins out. Clouds roll in. It starts to rain. Then hail. Perhaps your foot slips into an icy … More

Which Is More Damaging?

Indeed, which is more damaging? Being fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose by a personal, loving creator, endowed and blessed with dominion, power, wisdom, rational thought, morals, and so much more. Or, being classified as an animal, here by … More

The Primacy of Prayer


Prayer is often practiced after something. That is, we pray after we're worried, after we're scared, or after a hard time. We might think we're praying before (e.g., before a surgery or event), but we're already worried. While prayer is encouraged … More

And God Said…

Creation Story

One of the things I love about the creation story is its poetic structure. It builds and builds until it reaches the crown jewel, the pinnacle, of God's handiwork - mankind. I love too, how it illustrates God's power. He speaks (And God said), and … More